Lineart ($75)

Lineart is simply a stylized outline of a photo. There is only one color, usually a dark brown or gray.


Basic ($100)

Basic vectors are lineart-based, with 2 to 4 shades for each color area. Depending on the subject matter, I may use gradients (for example, soft things, like babies), but still keep to only a few colors.


Detailed ($350+)

Detailed vectors are made up of many shapes and layers and take a long time to do (generally around 20 hours). They may include gradients. Depending on what you want, the price will vary. If you want a quote, feel free to e-mail me


Logo Recreation

Raster images are non-vector images (i.e. if you enlarge the image, it looks blurry and ugly). If you have a logo that is only a raster image, I can convert it to vector so it will be scalable to whatever size you want.

Prices vary on this, depending on the complexity of your logo. If it's just a simple image and/or type, prices start at $50.



Pets/animals take a lot of time and patience. Unless you own an amphibian or reptile, most animal vectors will have a lot of strange textures that take some time to create (fur, feathers, individual hair strands, etc.), but I do enjoy a good challenge! Time and prices on these vary. Please e-mail me with the image and details on what you want for a price quote.


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